School Office Pro Modules

School Office Pro is a modular School Registration System which goes above an beyond other School Enrollment Software. Over the years, these modules have been developed to ensure that you get the best package for your district's needs.

  • Student Registration - First day packets have historically been a long and rigid process. It involved creating your forms in MS Word or Adobe format; getting approval from all interested parties, making changes, and sending them off to a print shop. Corrections to any paper forms are expensive to implement and really cannot be done at the last minute.
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  • Report Cards - Report cards can be easily generated with School Office Pro. Report cards are also customizable by school and grade level.
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  • E-Commerce - There are many things that a parent might be asked to pay for: PTA Memberships, Yearbooks, Student ID cards, Auction Tickets, AP Tests, the list goes on. Throughout the year, students bring home one order form after another that has to be looked at, decided on, and paid for. Most parents today would rather just pay for everything up front. School Office Pro can help!
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  • Mass Email - One of the keys to a successful relationship is communication. Another is letting parents control exactly what communication they receive. Communicating with your parents, students, and staff has never been easier with School Office Pro Mass Email. Create groups and send emails to everyone that has signed up.
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  • Human Resources - Potential candidates will always start at your website when trying to find an open position. We've found that our dynamic forms engine is perfect for this situation. Post jobs to your schools web sites, accept applications, and track candidates through the approval process.
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  • Student Surveys - Sometimes you just have a simple form that needs filled out. You can create it in School Office Pro and distribute it to your parent population or even by putting a link on your website. Publish a single page form or survey directly to your website. This is an easy way to get instant feedback.
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  • Time Tracking - Tracking student internships used to be a time consuming paper based process. With School Office Pro, you can allow students to submit time sheets for review to track internship progress.
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Let us take the burden off of your hands. For more information, contact Sales at 214.775.1500 or submit your contact information here.

School Office Pro has saved our district money, time, and paperwork, allowing us to meet our registration needs. This highly effective tool has allowed our district staff to concentrate on serving our students and their families.

Chris Cunningham
Highland Park ISD
Administrator of Web Services
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