School Report Card Generation Software

Each year teachers and administrators are faced with a challenge in how best to communicate a child's progress with their parents.

Your elementary schools typically change the items they track each year. This can be difficult to keep up with. Those teachers are usually forced to do all of that grading by hand.

How School Office Pro Can Help

The Report Card module from School Office Pro allows you to define what areas you want to track, has a teacher interface to quickly enter grade information for children in their class, and has a Printing mechanism which will merge the data onto a report card you design.

The report cards can be customized by School and Grade Level and are changeable by You at any time.

This module is targeted towards the elementary education level.

  • Fast Data Entry
  • Print Layout Completely Controlled By You
  • You Control the Metrics being Graded

Let us take the burden off of your hands. For more information, contact Sales at 214.775.1500 or submit your contact information here.

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School Office Pro has saved our district money, time, and paperwork, allowing us to meet our registration needs. This highly effective tool has allowed our district staff to concentrate on serving our students and their families.

Chris Cunningham
Highland Park ISD
Administrator of Web Services
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